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Why I Still Need to Put Pen to Paper When Planning My Social Media Content...

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

and the Method I Use to Stay Organized

I’m just going to put it out there, ok?

I’m old school.

As in, Gen X.

Before the internet existed for everyone.

Before smartphones were commonplace.

Even before it was normal for every house to have a personal computer in it. A crazy concept isn’t it? Imagine only having access to a phone attached to the wall with a cord, that was shared by all, and a computer that was only available in a classroom! Sounds hideously inconvenient, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s how it was when I was growing up so it should be no surprise at all, that my default method of staying organized is to put pen to paper. Yes, I do take advantage of scheduler apps like Planoly, my personal favorite, I hear Buffer, Tailwind, and Tweetdeck are also great. But, before anything gets created in Canva, my favorite graphic design software, I have to write it down. If I don’t do this first, I’ll either NOT follow through or I’ll simply forget. So, I use a combination of things really, but for social posts, I use handy printable planner pages that I created to jot down ideas and plans as I think of them and keep track of it all before I even take the next step, which I use Asana for so that all of my themes and graphics are conveniently stored in one place. But that's another topic for another day. So stay tuned!

I even do this with my calendar too, I keep a Happy Planner for jotting things down and then adding them to my google calendar later. I also have an affinity for post-its.

I use this method, mainly because I feel like it keeps me accountable and also because I don’t always have my google calendar with me. I know it’s in my trusty iPhone, but if I’m somewhere where it’s inconvenient to whip out my phone or don’t have a decent signal, I can always jot it down so I can remember to add it to my planner, hence my affinity for post-its. I keep them in my car and my purse for just this reason.

Another reason I use this printable is that I can easily print three copies of it, and have a snapshot of an entire quarter’s worth of content in the works without having to log in to my laptop. That is always a time saver for me. I like to have a snapshot of what’s coming up, because chances are, by the time I get to the step of creating it and then scheduling it, I may have changed my mind or decided on a better idea at the last minute. #adhdlife

So, if you’re anything like me, old school, and like to put pen to paper BEFORE you commit, think of this printable as a living breathing document that you can use to help you keep your ideas organized across the 3 major platforms that you use. It’s a rather simple formula, and it’s only a couple of pages so it’s compact with an easy to follow layout. And…

I created it to be fully customizable depending on the platforms that you use.

You can access the Free printable PDF when you click here. Just print it directly from the web. I like to print once and just keep a

master for quick and easy copying!

I hope it serves you well and helps to keep you organized!



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