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Signature Instagram Packages

Just Engagement!

Want to stay engaged with your Instagram Community? Great! This is my signature service package and it’s just the perfect thing for the stressed-out entrepreneur who has the desire, but not the time, to spend on Instagram chatting with fans; liking, sharing, and commenting on posts they follow and handling the DMs that pile up in the inbox. 

Let me do that for you! I can spend an hour a day M-F going down the Instagram rabbit hole on your behalf. We’ll make sure that any responses will reflect your personality and values so that it is authentic, even though it isn’t coming directly from you. Instagram is all about community and our tribe expects us to show up and engage. Otherwise? They’ll move on. And we don’t want that, do we?


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This monthly package includes just over 20 hours each month of just pure engagement & direct interaction with your Instagram Community. In addition, I can track your most engaging posts and report back to you each month on which content is getting the most engagement so you can create more of it. We’ll start with a baseline audit of the previous few months, so we know where you are when we begin, and archive any older posts that are no longer serving your brand. Are you using a 3rd party scheduling tool? Awesome. We’ll use that to track. Don’t worry if you’re not. We can set one up for you or use the analytics provided by IG and use their KPIs. 

(see the guide!)

Each week, we’ll hop on a Zoom call so that we can brainstorm and strategize an engagement plan as we all know how quickly social media trends change! 

Working with influencers for the purpose of marketing your brand and growing your following? Awesome! I have a special Influencer add-on that’s a great addition to the Just Engagement Package. I can handle all the behind-the-scenes admin work of organizing, scheduling, and contracting partnered content that your favorite Social Media Influencers create for you so that you’re not being pulled in 20 different directions doing #allthethings #allthetime on your own while trying to build your business.

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If this sounds like the right package for you, let’s collaborate! Click the link below to get started! 


Done For You Services

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