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Canva Font Roundup: 21 of My Favorites with Bonus Pairings

In the world of online business and all things marketing, one of my absolute favorite tools to use is Canva. It is a drag & drop style graphic design software that is simple and easy to use, even for someone who has zero graphic design training or is just starting out.

Hello! That’s me. I have no formal training and when I first started my business the idea of designing graphics for my marketing and social media was hella intimidating and it just wasn't in my bootstrapping budget to hire someone to handle it for me. Canva was the perfect tool at the perfect time. Now, I can’t build you a website from scratch but if you need simple branded images for Blogs, Instagram,Pinterest or Facebook, etc. I have so much fun creating them and it’s all thanks to Canva’s vast library of images, fonts, and every design element under the sun! And don’t even get me started on the many beautiful templates that you can customize to find inspiriation and get started! #theskyisthelimit

I am in LOVE with Canva. It’s a game-changer, for sure. I started with the free version which has so many wonderful features it’s hard not to like it. Eventually, I moved to the pro version because I use it so much and I like the option for a branding kit because it allows me to do so much more for my clients in the way of branded content creation. There’s even more access to beautiful images. I highly recommend it and if you want to give it a go, here is a link you can follow to sign up and get a free Premium Element in one of your designs.

Here is a visual roundup of some of my favorite fonts and a few images showing some great pairings. These are slides from my Stories post on Instagram. The sky is the limit as the list of fonts available is endless!

As you can see, even with just 21 fonts out of thousands, the possibilities of creating amazing combinations to mix & match that will add value to your social media posts and marketing materials is pretty dang rad. Below, I have 3 examples of pairings that can be used as quote or image cards on Instagram and other social media sites. And of course, I included a pairing with the fonts I use in my business across all of my platforms to keep everything looking cohesive.

Do you use Canva? Tell me about some of your favorite fonts and combinations! Feel free to share your tips and tricks in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!



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